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Bursary Management Systems vision is to create an avenue of accessibility and awareness to the wealth of information with regards to bursary and financial aid packages available to students wanting to enter institutions of higher learning.

We are also focused on creating greater and more significant links in bringing together students and organisations, by offering our system processes as a service to organisations and candidates for sourcing and profiling bursary and scholarship programs.

Bursary Management Systems has two processes within the system:

  • Student Process: (Bursary profiling)
  • A candidate must complete the application form and through our electronic filtering process, will be matched against the criteria of bursaries within our database.
  • The system will then issue a match report of all the bursaries the candidate is eligible to apply for based on the criteria search.
  • An applicant database will be maintained in order to provide organisations access to applicants who match their organisational profiles.
  • Organisational Process: (Candidate profiling)

Selecting the best candidate for your valuable bursary grant in order to achieve a mutually beneficial long term partnership, is a serious and arduous exercise.

Bursary advertisements usually attract large numbers of applications, with a small percentage of these actually meeting the set criteria. This first stage process of evaluation, to ascertain an applicants eligibility, is extremely drawn out and time consuming and may still result in a very long "short-list" of possible candidates.

BMS can assist by profiling the student application information against the criteria as set by the organisation, thus providing your organisation with a short-list of only the most suitably qualified candidates.


  • Bursary data can be updated instantaneously, thereby keeping all bursary information current and relevant at all times.
  • Have your criteria immediately processed and matched to the most suitable student profile.
  • Save valuable time by cutting straight to the panel interview and selection stages.

For various other benefits and options, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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